Black magick EXISTS!

Posted: Monday, October 16th, 2017 at 12:48 pm. Category: Magick.

If you’re a skeptic or a just plain against witchcraft and magick, you’ve probably been told that “all is good”. There is only white magick and that black magick does not exist.

You’ve been told a lie.

Black magick exists. Evil exists in our world, why shouldn’t it exist in the magick system? We, as humans, use the purest forms in an evil way. Love. We use love to manipulate the ones who love us back. And don’t say you haven’t because we all have. We have all used “if you love me” phrase, even jokingly.

Look, I know we have enemies in the magick world. We get A LOT of hate from non-believers and those against our practices. We have to dispel the myth that we’re Satan worshippers (some of us are) on a daily basis. I get it.

But, lying about what exists and does not is going to cause mistrust. That is a tool that the enemy can use to create even more lies about us all. At least let’s be honest with them.

Not everyone is evil and so not every magickian/witch/warlock/whatever is going to practice black magick. As in, their main purpose is to hurt someone else. But, sometimes, our magick – even classed as white – can have evil implications. A love spell could trick someone into loving us if done incorrectly. A money spell could lead to fraud or theft.

This is not to say that all magick is evil. When the intention is correct and true, the results will be pure and innocent. The love spell will simply make a person tell their true feelings. A money spell will encourage you to start your side hustle.

If you’re against our practices, don’t judge us just yet. A prayer is a form of magick too! It is about releasing positive or negative thoughts into the world and attracting good or evil to yourself or another. So, yes, you are some form of an amateur magickian. You just don’t know it.

Insist on judging us? At least learn our intentions. Learn more about the person you’re judging. Most of the time, they are going to be positive, loving individuals who reflect their personality into their magick. They bring good into the world.

And don’t worry about the evil ones. We’ve got our eyes on them too.

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