How occult groups and personalities CAN achieve content marketing

Posted: Thursday, November 16th, 2017 at 3:01 pm. Category: Marketing.

Content marketing increases sales and drives loyalty.

We know that.

But, you might be struggling with how to execute content marketing.

Especially if you’re an occult group or personality.

Don’t be secret.

The first step is to get over being secretive.

I get it. You’re holding on to valuable knowledge that only a select few individuals are worthy of knowing. Your recruitment process is rigorous and lengthy.

But, how are you supposed to recruit your next leader if no-one knows about you? Sure, you could stick to the good old friends and family network, but aren’t you potentially missing out on the next big person by limiting your reach?

Hold up. I’m not saying release your secrets for free for the world to delve in. If you want to do that, cool. I’m here to help you.

Instead, I’m suggesting you release the not so important secrets. Instead, I want you to tell the world the results you’ve been experiencing through your secrets.

Take the Temple of the Vampire for example. Sign up for their newsletter for a pure example of how to entice eligible members to join. Their emails interview their members and share the results of what being a Vampire is. This entices the reader to learn more and eventually hand over their money and become a member.

There’s an art to this. It requires careful editing and deep knowledge into your secrets to delicately reveal little snippets, but not too much that give the game away.

That’s where I come in. I’m an avid occult researcher that has been studying the paranormal and occult since the age of 13. I completed my first year of university in Theology and History, and have been chasing secret knowledge ever since.

I’m a content marketer who specializes in paranormal and occult groups and personalities. I write your blog posts, social media posts, emails, eBooks etc. In return, I ask for training and mentorship in your knowledge and normally ask for a small fee to cover living costs. Hit me up at for more information.

Start a blog

Content marketing is about providing value and showing your expertise. There is nothing easier than doing that than with a blog. In your blog, you want to prove your worth. Post controversial opinions that you believe and can back up. Share the journey with your group as it grows in size. Reveal a snippet of your life. Trust me, people will take an interest.

It is hard to suggest what exactly to post about. If it was a paranormal investigation group, I would be telling you to post reviews on your events, sharing your evidence.

For an occult group or as a personality, you may not want to be sharing every detail. If you do, great! Share away. Share your findings, your knowledge, your experiments.

However, if you are a bit more conservative: share teasers. Small snippets of inside information. Enough to pique curiosity, but not enough for them to get the full picture. Boost your results and don’t be afraid to include testimonials.

Sign up for Temple of the Vampires newsletter and you will get what I mean.

Create a lead page to recruit new members.

You may not want to share your findings with the whole world. You may want a selective, core group of people.

But, as I’ve said before: you still need to recruit new members other than friends and family. New blood spices your work up in a good way and a new perspective can solve ancient old problems.

You need to create a lead page to capture new members.

A lead page is one web page which the user has been directed to from a search engine or advertisement. It promotes a single product or service. It doesn’t always focus on selling, but focuses on capturing the users’ email and name. The selling comes later.

In order to entice the user to leave you with their name and email, you have to give something away for FREE. Something of high value. A video or an eBook.

Perhaps you can produce a video that introduces the fundamentals of your occult group?

Or you could create an eBook that solves a common life problem that your personality wins at?

Traditionally, the exchange of name and email grants them access to said video or eBook.

You then use the name and email to set up email marketing campaigns to promote your latest blog posts and more importantly, your product or service. There’s more to it than that, but I’ll save that for another day.

You may be freaking out a bit now. JOSH, I DON’T HAVE A PRODUCT OR SERVICE! But you do. Your knowledge is a product. Your mentorship is a service. Treat it as a business and you will be successful.

Start a YouTube Channel

Love making that video on your lead page? You’re going to love this idea.

Create more videos and upload them to YouTube. Reveal a few secrets. Tease the viewer. Make them want to learn more about your knowledge. That, my friends, is the basis of marketing.

Starting a YouTube channel is very much like a blog, but in video form (known as a vlog).

A very brave move could be to live stream a ritual or group meeting (bearing in mind you get the permission of those involved). Give the viewer an insight into your life and they’ll want to join you.

Or create a video helping your viewers with a specific problem – that’s a winner! For example, say you help people with their spiritual needs. Create a video detailing how a spiritual person can find happiness. Go deep, engage with difficult topics, and you will win.


If you don’t mind exposing your knowledge, then be as open as you can. Provide that value.

I understand if you do want to be secretive, but focus on teasing your prospects (those who are new to your world) with little snippets of information.

We’ve looked at starting a blog – a solid way to develop your authority in the field. We’ve looked at creating a lead page (aka landing page) where you can recruit new members to your group. Finally, we looked at creating a YouTube channel to really showcase your knowledge.

As ever, I provide content marketing services to paranormal and occult groups and personalities. Packages start from just £100 per month. Contact for more information.

What have you learned in this post? What are you going to start doing differently? Let me know in the comments below!

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