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I’m getting a bit personal. I’m sharing with you my occult journey so far. It is not extensive, nor impressive, but hopefully, you’ll be able to understand my point of view. Understand where I come from. Understand why I think the way I do.

The modern day is difficult in my occult journey. I have multiple interests/projects that require time. It is hard to chase the occult when I’m running a freelance business, a gaming YouTube channel with my younger brother, and dabbling in fiction writing on the side.

Searching for the occult requires reading and watching. I’m so caught up in business and marketing books, that I hardly have time for fiction, never mind the occult. But take this as a commitment that I will read and watch more over the next month. I see it as a business goal. After all, I do work with paranormal and occult groups and personalities. Having the slightest of interest in those topics would actually be advantageous.

Where it all started

Let’s start at the beginning. I was 13 or 14 and my step-dad had introduced me to Most Haunted (I was too naive to see their flaws). The idea of the paranormal sparked an interest in me, but I was too young for a ghost hunt (or paranormal investigation – whatever you want to call it).

I was intrigued by the medium and started to do some research. I learned all about mediumship and eventually stumbled across Spiritualism. After many weeks of considering it, I visited my local one: Fenton Spiritualist Church in Stoke-on-Trent. I was nervous, but the President and congregation were the loveliest of people and made me feel welcome. There, I learned the art of mediumship.

Next for me…

Having to move away from the church, I left with my skill undeveloped enough to do anything with it. Whilst I still held the principles as a Spiritualist – and declared myself one for a while – I delved into the world of Wicca and witchcraft. I never tried nor converted, but I was interested in simply knowing.

Just like any teenager, I was interested in the dark arts. I remember reading about black magick, looking up spells and rituals, and researching gods and goddesses. I believed there was this great war coming, between light and dark magick, good and evil. To some degree, I still believe that now, but rarely do I preach it.

The Misconceived world

I started freelancing in 2014. I was 18 and spent all my money on books. Fiction and non-fiction. Wanting to feel different and scare people, I bought The Satanic Bible. I read it and agreed with some of it whilst I respected the rest. It is certainly an influence in my thinking today and is one of the few books that I actually want to read twice.

Never did I see myself as a Satanist, I instead developed a respect for Anton LaVey and for what he stood for. I could see his thoughts on the world. It was always frustrating to see journalists blame the religion for any violence carried out in its name. More often or not, it was teenagers looking to scare someone.

Back to my roots?

I studied Theology at university. Before I went, I had vowed that the Abrahamic religions simply wasn’t for me. However, when you study a topic for so long, you kind of start to believe in it.

Yes, I went through a short period of shaking faith that Jesus Christ had come down and saved us all. I saw the appeal that many felt. It was like being part of a cult, being sucked into the belief because everyone else believed.

NOTE: I am in no way accusing people of coercing me into believing in Christianity. Nor am I referring to them as a cult. I am simply explaining how easy it is to be pulled into religion without thinking about it.

It was Gnosticism that woke me up. Finding out about the demi-urge rang true to me and made me reconsider my alliances. For me, it was a perfect explanation of the history of Jews and Christians.

Declaring myself as me.

Gnosticism reminded me of my roots, sitting in that Spiritualist church, exploring my faith. The truth is: I have never found my faith. Nowadays, I do declare myself a Pagan for the simple reason that it is compatible with different elements of religions.

That’s what I want – a pick and mix of religions. I like to take concepts and form my own versions. See a philosophy I like – I nab it and see if it is compatible with my own concepts.

Maybe I’m spiritual. Maybe I’m philosophical. I’m just a mish-mash and I’m kinda proud of it.

The Occult

So, I diverted off a bit and talked about religion.

I believe my major researching efforts have come in the past 2 years. I started a blog – now deceased – dedicated to the paranormal and occult. Now I have this blog, which covers pretty much the same thing, except with content marketing thrown into the mix.

I see studying the occult as part of my job. Aleister Crowley has to be my biggest influence so far. Reading about his absurdities were just perfect to my way of thinking. Finding Thelema was enlightening and refreshing. Maybe one day I will declare myself a Thelemite, but for now, I’m just an observing newbie.

I have a few more books to read before I am considered a true expert in the occult. But, I hope to share my journey with you as I progress.

Will you join me?

Comment below where you are on your journey. I would love to hear.

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