My Story

Selling is more about the person you’re buying from than the product itself. Loads of people sell the same products, but the customer will only buy from those they know.

So, here’s my story to help you understand where I come from.

I was your normal loner gamer. Hardly had any friends outside of school. I just stayed inside my bedroom I shared with my brothers and played video games non-stop until 1am. Then I wondered why I was tired the next day for school…

Cancer hit. Twice.

I was 14 and had woken up with a lump. I had chemotherapy, two surgeries, and lots of check-ups.

Having Cancer was THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE. Sounds weird, right? But for once in my life, I had a purpose. I was facing death in its face and I felt such a thrill from it. Yes, I had my downs. I suffered from depression after being cleared. But, Cancer opened my eyes to life and its meaning. I still don’t know the meaning of life, but I appreciate the search for it.

I left school wanting to do a social media apprenticeship. The company went bust and I was stranded. A week before it started, I enrolled onto a business course at college. At the moment, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. However, I knew learning about business would help me no matter what I wanted to do in life.

I eventually found my passion when applying to university: Theology. I’ve always had an interest in religions and how they affect the world today and throughout history. It even tied in well with my passion for the paranormal.

Everything was going well.

I had found a purpose, a career, and a goal in life.

The voices decided to tear my life apart at that point. I was not able to function for 2 years. I have had my fair share of admittance into mental wards.

But, just like Cancer, I am thankful for what the voices did. They made me stop and tear away the requirements society enforces on us.

I had to reset.

I had to really question what I wanted to do with my life now. Through those two years of being incapable to contribute to society, I worked hard on becoming self-aware. I tried everything I wanted to.

I noticed a pattern. Whenever I had become stuck in life, I had returned to writing. Writing anything. At this point, I had 3 years experience as a freelance writer. Having written some weird topics, I dug deep and researched.

Stumbling across marketing was like reuniting with an old friend. You know, the ones that no matter how long ago since you last talked, you still were best friends.

For the next six months, I hardcore researched every aspect of marketing. I volunteered at organisations to put the theory to the test.

Finding content marketing was like marrying my skill set together.

I loved writing and I loved marketing. This was (and still is) perfect.

I tried to apply for jobs with no track record. How I was supposed to get experience working for an agency when they all required experience baffled me.

One day in June 2017, I swore at the corporate world and started my own business.

The rest is history currently in progress.

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